Christabel Reed Yoga

Tuesday 10 January - Tuesday 28 February 2017 ,  19:00

PRICE: £10


We’re kicking off 2017 the right way with weekly yoga classes from the lovely Christabel Reed at The Hoxton, Holborn. Ever since experiencing the healing effects of Yoga over 7 years ago, Christabel has been impassioned to spread knowledge of this ancient and transformational practice. Her classes are dynamic; prioritising breath development and the cultivation of a focused mind. Christabel encourages her students to listen to their bodies, respect where they're at, and learn when is appropriate to either move forward or take a step back. Each class includes the practice of asana, pranayama and meditation.

For a truly zen start to the New Year, come join her every Tuesday at 7pm (classes are £10 and you pay when you're there!)